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I got some exciting news this crispy morning while having a really good getting-things-done morning at the office… that my short film from 2013 – Verdens Lykkeligste By / The Happiest Town in the World (based on a poem by Mathias Bundgaard) has been chosen for the Ekko film magazine shortlist. What a nice way to start the week, followed by hot soup with a good friend, and a call about a job. And tonight I’m having a late-night fried-cheese sandwich and we just put up a new, turquoise lamp. Things are happening! It’s a kind of voting thing, where if my film gets into the top 10 within the next 3 weeks, it will stay up there a bit longer, or something. Cool! Have a look here, and if you like, give it a star or two, and help it on its way up the charts, yeah!

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